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Shop Routine

Get Ready

  1. Phone gets checked in

  2. Get glasses on, hair up and jewelry off. Get ready. 

  3. Sit and read your plans. The first 5 mins will be a chance to ask questions and read through your plans to know exactly what you need to do in the time you have.  Ask questions and get focused.


  1. Clean as you go. 

  2. Put away tools and equipment when you are done using them.

  3. Ask questions but also have confidence in yourself to answer the questions yourself. 

  4. Self regulate 

  • No hanging out in bathrooms, one male and female out at once, name on the board.

Cutting Wood
  • You are welcome to use your phones for music as long as you do not touch your phone and it stays checked in.


  1. Put your name on your project and put it away in your storage. 

  2. Clear off ALL tables, put all tools etc away.

  3. Clean off all saw dust onto the floor

  4. Put all stools up

  5. Sweep everything into the dust collection.

  6. Then, and ONLY THEN may you take off your safety glasses, take down your hair.

  7. Phones can be taken out of the pocket when the bell rings

Electric Saw
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