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Industrial Arts Protocol


During this course together, I aim to make our space as safe and healthy as possible. I please ask, that you work with me as a team to make this an amazing environment. Please note that this protocol is not an option, it is a requirement for this class.


No matter your belief or stance on COVID, we will respect the space and each person around us by taking care of ourselves and our Vanier family. Health and happiness is key here.

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1. Machines, portable equipment and all tools will be sanitized halfway through each class. Please do your part to help. Use this time to use the hand sanitizer. 

2. Absolutely no hands on or horse play and stay out of people's space.

Keep your hands to yourself at absolutely all times. Safe distance is 6ft (or a hockey stick) distance away from each other. Failure to do this will result in removal from the shop area. 


3. Use hand sanitizer 

Please sanitize your hands before entering the classroom and before leaving the classroom.To minimize the spread of germs and keep our space safe, please sanitize hands before entering the classroom at the sanitizing table at the front door.

4. Masks are mandatory.

Masks have dual purpose in the shop. First, they protect against the spread of germs, and second, they are great to limit the amount of fine saw dust that your breath into your lungs in the shop. If you are choosing to wear a mask please make sure you are using them properly.
  • Leave them on at all times. 

  • Masks with dual layers of cloth work best.

  • Do not play with it. 

  • Cover your mouth and nose.

  • Wash after each use, or if disposable, throw it away in the nearest garbage.

  • Don't play with your face.

5. Stay in your work space

In the classroom, each student will have a designated space. Please stay in that space at all times, and respect other students' space as well. Do not share supplies or any other items. Because there will not be any sharing, you must be ready with your OWN supplies each day.



All materials are to be kept in this space. I will supply you with a large ziplock bag for you to keep supplies here. I will also be supplying you with a duotang/binder to keep everything organized and in the classroom. Please feel free to keep hair ties or other items you may need for this class in this bag as well 

6. My office is off limits. 

In the past I have always welcomed students into my office and have even had a chair in there to visit. This fall however, I ask that you do not enter my office. If I am in my office and you need something, please respect the red line and get my attention from there. 


This is not normal school. This is modified to our current situation and that’s okay! We are still here to help. We are still here to provide you with the best education possible, but it will just look, feel and be different for a while.

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