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Grade 9

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Wood Working

 The Vanier's PAA09 Rotation, students will have the opportunity to explore Woodworking, Art, Computers, Drama and Home Ec. In this outline, I will only explain my wood working section. If you have further questions about other sections please feel free to email me and I can direct you to the appropriate teacher. 

Topics covered:

Unit 1: Safety

Unit 2: Measuring

Unit 3: Tools

Unit 4: Project

Unit 5: Finishing


Guidelines &


1. Theory

Students will be introduced to woodworking through a series of basic theory concepts and safety study. This course is primarily hands on, although there will be a certain amount of safety covered before work on the projects begins.


It is important that students complete theory before entering the shop to ensure they have the knowledge to safely work make decisions for safe work habits. Areas covered are: Hand tools, portable power tools and stationary equipment. Safety will be a priority. 

Adult Students

2. Expectations

Students are expected to be respectful of all equipment, while always doing their part to clean up and maintain the environment. Safety is of the utmost importance. Students will be removed from shop if horse play of any sorts is seen. Students are free to choose their behavior but they are not free from the consequences of that choice.

Carpenter at Work

3. Supplies

All shop tools and supplies needed to complete this course will be provided.  It is each student’s responsibility, however, to bring all necessary classroom supplies and appropriate shop clothes on a daily basis. This includes: proper shop clothing, closed-toed shoes, pencils/pens, hair ties

Women in Workshop

4. Communication


I ask that all students keep open communication with me regarding all aspects of school. This will help eliminate confusion and make sure that I can help students in any way I can. This includes but is not limited to school matters.  You can reach me at

5. Shop tools and machinery

If anything looks broken, needs repair, has wear and tear, or you have questions about it, PLEASE come tell me as soon as possible. No one gets in trouble if something gets broken and I am notified quickly. Things break, however they need to be replaced or fixed before it becomes dangerous. It is very simple, just let me know and I can deal with it.

Carpenter Measuring Wood
Blocks of Wood

6. Absences

I need you here.

You are responsible for catching up on work or missed assignments, and unfortunately, I can't send the equipment home with you as homework.


  • If you have planned absences, let me know beforehand and I can help accommodate.

  • If you miss a day where there is a test or assignment due, it is DUE THE NEXT DAY YOUR BACK.

  • I will contact parents, and school administration when absences are affecting student progress. 

  • The Industrial Arts program is very hands on which makes it very important for students to try their best to be on time and attend each class.

7. Lates

Here and there, it happens. However you will be facing consequences if it continues to happen. If student falls into a pattern of coming to class late, we will meet and discuss a plan of action, phone home and/or involve administration to help solve the problem.

8. Work ethic

It is expected that you will use your time wisely and will be working 100% of the time. There is no tolerance for not using time wisely or working in a safe manner.  Hands in your pockets, bugging others, following others around talking or trying to get away with seeing how little you can do WILL result in a strike against you. 

Carpenter at Work

9. Cellular Use

 In Industrial Arts, students are surrounded by hazards on a daily basis. My responsibility as an Industrial Arts teacher is to keep the students safe at all times. To do this, I equip every student with the safety knowledge and skill to ensure their shop experience is the best and safest it can be. Because cell phones are widely used in Vanier, proper use and guidelines are needed for students’ safety.

Phone Camera

Actions have consequences. If you are caught with your cell phone, it will be taken away and I will email home.

Cell phones are strictly prohibited in the shop as students’ full attention must be paid when in the shop. One warning will be given cell phone use is at an improper time. Phones can be taken out of the door pockets when the bell rings at the end of each class. If I haven’t opened the cell phone door, don’t touch your phone. Zero tolerance. 


If at any time a student needs to be contacted and he/she is in the shop, please feel free to call Vanier office at 693-6744 and you will be transferred to the shop (B25) to speak to the student.​

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