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Grade 9 Woods Review

Are cell phones allowed in the shop? Why or why not?


Where do you put shop tools when you are finished using them?


At the end of class, what are the steps (in order) to complete before leaving the shop?


When using the handheld drill, how much pressure should be applied to the drill to make the hole? 

When using the handheld, how should you secure the workpiece?


Explain how to use the mitre saw for both narrow and wide wood


What is the minimum distance your hands must be away from the Miter blade at all times?


When setting the hand held router down, which direction should the blade always face?

What is the minimum length of wood you can cut on the Miter saw to ensure safety?


Explain the cut direction when using the Miter saw.

Before routing, how do you make sure you have the router set at the right height?

If I need to sand a lot down on my wood because it is very rough, what would be the best sandpaper to choose for the job? Be specific and use the grades to explain.


How do you secure wood when using the Palm Sander?


Do we sand with the grain or against the grain and why?


When do we change the sandpaper on the palm sander?


Where do you put tools when you are finished using them?

What are the routers primarily used for?


What do you do if you damage something or find something that is damaged?


If any saw is making a strange noise what should you do?


When do you use a center punch and why do we use it?


List 3 safety precautions to avoid accidents.


How far should your hands be away from the bit at all times?


List some main safety precautions for each: Bandsaw, miter saw, drills, sanders, router.

Snowy Woods
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