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Course Outline

The future belongs to those willing to jump in,

no matter how cold the water. 

 Throughout the semester students will have the opportunity to explore Woodworking. Areas will be broken down in four sections. 

Please note:

There is a mandatory materials fee of $80 due immediately upon enrollment IA 10-12. Checks can be made payable to Vanier Collegiate. This fee is due the first week of school.


Students will be introduced to woodworking through a series of basic theory concepts and safety study. This course is primarily hands on, although there will be a certain amount of safety covered before work on the projects begins.


It is important that students complete theory before entering the shop to ensure they have the knowledge to safely work make decisions for safe work habits. Areas covered are: Hand tools, portable power tools and stationary equipment. Safety will be a priority. 

Adult Students


Students are expected to be respectful of all equipment, while always doing their part to clean up and maintain the environment. Safety is of the utmost importance. Students will be removed from shop if horse play of any sorts is seen. Students are free to choose their behavior but they are not free from the consequences of that choice.

Work Ethic & Safety


The main objective of this course is learning to work safely and efficiently while building something that you can be proud of. It is important to learn to work safely and independently. If you prove you can’t work well independently, shop privileges will be taken away and you will learn Industrial Arts through a text book and assignments. Remember, three strikes and your out.




All shop tools and supplies needed to complete this course will be provided.  It is each student’s responsibility, however, to bring all necessary classroom supplies and appropriate shop clothes on a daily basis. This includes: proper shop clothing, closed-toed shoes, pencils/pens, hair ties

Carpenter at Work

Grade 12

Grade 12 in the shop is a very exciting time for so many students. It means they have spent years mastering concepts, understanding safety, and wrapping their heads around measuring and reading blueprints. In the Grade 12 course, students are given the creative freedom, and the chance to show off their learned skill while being challenged on a "backwards by design" project. This project is designed to make students think outside the box, find their style and deconstruct ideas. 

Grade 12 students will have class time to make sure their Saskatchewan Apprenticeship program assignments are completed before graduation to ensure they have the opportunities it provides and the chance to win the $1000 and Industrial Arts Achievement award. 

Topics covered:

Machine and general shop safety challenge test 

Blue print creating

Large scale biscuit joinery

Mortise and tenon

Panel assembly 

Hardening agents and finishing

SYA completion

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